Bold Monk

Branding concept for Bold Monk, a brewing company in Atlanta, Georgia inspired by Trappist beer. 

I wanted to highlight the tools of the trade while stylistically referencing the sharp edges of stained glass windows.

Diet Coke
Holiday Mocktails 

Concepted and assisted with photo shoot styling to create digital marketing assets and be showcased on the Kroger website brand page.

The food is prepped the decorations are set and the party has started. The best part of the holidays is celebrating together with a delicious drink in hand and these snapshots are meant to keep the memories alive forever.

Oregon Wire

In collaboration with my team at Utöka, I assisted to develop a new brand identity for Oregon Wire, a wire manufacturing company that has been around since 1973. They wanted a more modern but recognizable look in order to gain new customers and still be recognizable to their current clients.   

After giving them a new look, I worked to relaunch their old website to something much easier to navigate in order to show their proud all-American roots across all platforms.

FoodSaver–Back To School Campaign

Concepted and assisted with photo shoot styling to create social media and digital marketing assets for a back to school campaign. 

Meal prep during the week can go by quickly when you get it ready beforehand so bring some ease into your life with FoodSaver. It’s time to focus on the more important things like family time over a home-cooked meal.


Packaging concept for an instant anti-aging coffee to keep us all young and beautiful.

As a lifestyle brand, AWAKN wanted to convey a simple and modern look that people wouldn’t mind keeping on their counter. With clean ingredients and clean lines, I wanted to focus on the important information like protein! 
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